Is It Worth Paying For Xbox Live Gold Membership?

The Xbox360 currently spearheads Microsoft’s seventh generation game console selection and is the first choice for a multitude of gamers from around the world. In addition to the gaming console being equipped with ergonomically designed controllers, the Xbox360 is a real home media theater, converting video and audio capabilities all in one center Read more technical

If spending many hours invading enemy territory completing clearly articulated missions sounds like fun, the Xbox360 is great value for money and the console for you.When the Xbox was launched in 2005, Microsoft sold the console at a loss (here is where the great value for money comes in) as they wanted to break into the market.

Although the console launched with a limited choice of games, the selection available to the Xbox360 holds some of the most successful games ever made and will appeal to those who like the more “adult” aesthetic and themes of games as compared to the aesthetic associated with many Wii games.

The games “Call of Duty 2” and “Gears of War,” for example, have managed to establish firm, if somewhat biased, fan bases. Other notable, highly popular titles are: “Halo 5”, “Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter,” “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion,” “Dead or Alive IV,” and “Saints Row.”

The technical specifications of the Xbox360 are, to say the least, impressive. Microsoft looked towards the IBM Xenon processor to provide the processing speed necessary for graphics dense software applications. Three Xenon processors combine to process six threads simultaneously. Regarding hard drive memory, there are two options currently available.

The more expensive option includes 250GB of memory on an internal hard drive, whereas the more cost effective Xbox360 has a 4GB memory. Both options, however, come out standard with USB drives through which external memory drives can be connected.

The features offered by Microsoft’s Xbox Live further make the gaming console a winner. This is to say that the online services offered to Xbox360 add to the user value of the machine, ensuring customer satisfaction. The Xbox Live service is equipped to connect online gamers with one another, enabling gamers from around the world to engage in one of their favorite activities.

The site further offers Xbox owners the chance to create a profile and download Xbox operating system (known as “Dashboard”) themes to customize your console.The Xbox Live Marketplace service enables customers to purchase movies, series, arcade games, game add-ons, and music.

Movies are downloaded onto the Xbox360’s internal memory, but are only viewable for a limited period, after which they are automatically separated from the machine. Series can be bought to own, as can music.

As a media center, the Dashboard OS supports most music formats, Windows Media Files (all formats) MPEG-4, and H.264 files.The Xbox360 is a well-priced, highly versatile and well-supported gaming platform: there should be little doubt that it is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for the above criteria in a gaming console.

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