GTA V Online Weekend Let’s Rock It

Rockstar Games continues to push GTA Online, as we all know, is the multiplayer mode of GTA V.
It is this occasion that the company has made available to users another weekend of double experience and rewards, framed within the update of “La Gran Vida”.
All weekend, starting on Friday 16th and ending on Sunday May 18th, leave your luxury apartment in Los Santos, take your new and spectacular Dinka Thrust or Massacro and give it a spin to start getting special bonus of GTA V And PR that will be carried out throughout the city within the Weekend Event of the Social Club La Gran Vida.
Rockstar has published the list of opportunity that will award PR bonuses and greater rewards of GTA $, as well as the challenges to gain unique objects and more prizes.

Here is the detailed list of activities: Double GTA 5 Rewards in improvised races with big bets

The bet has been doubled especially for those who live on the Los Santos expressway. Money is not given in the trees, but it hangs from the useless ones who drive through the streets of Los Santos during the weekend. The money from the bets and rewards of the improvised races will double, so your “Pegassi Zentorno” points towards a goal that exhales an exciting risk to the big and rewards.
You can start an impromptu race through the interaction menu and remember that you have to accelerate to win more. Increased threshold limit for all activities
Fewer words and more money. For all high rollers, the maximum bet limit for all activities will be raised to 10,000 GTA 5, so you can put all your cash and guts on the table. Triple Golf and Tennis RP.
Because relaxation should come with an attractive recovery all RP extras in golf and tennis will be tripled throughout the weekend. This means that a birdie will earn you 600 RP while a blatant hole in one on the short hole six will put 3,000 RP on your score card and will return your most insignificant opponents in the field.
Look for the valuable down payment products, order them from the top at the Box Deliveries Event around Richman Hills, as well as other upscale neighborhoods throughout the city. The boxes will be full of great PR bonuses and tons of GTA V, rotary machine guns, sticky bombs and much more. Snapmatic Competition #Highlife
Take your best photos, showing how you live The Great Life from today until Sunday and label them as #HIGHLIFE to get the opportunity to win something great. They are looking for epic moments, creative, fun, during the weekend including any of the new departments, luxury vehicles, celebrities, costumes or weapons of La Gran Vida. Five favorites will be chosen to win a million GTA 5 as well as the exclusive and vain HIGHLIFE license plate to show off in our new vehicle.

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