Clash Royale – Best Decks to Use with Barrel

The Barrel Bone is one of the last cards Supercell has confirmed coming in the world of Clash Royale. Vaguely remembers the Goblin Barrel, and as you can guess from the name inside, a small handful of skeleton skirmishes is ready to attack anyone who has the misfortune to meet them. The best  clash royale glitch where you can use the Barrel Bar to the utmost of its effectiveness

Within this article, our editorial board will offer 3 Decks on which to use the Barrel Bar and a video in which you can examine with your eyes how this new card works.

Mastino Lavico: the flying tank excellently. If you have unlocked this legendary card, it is time to use it.
Dragon puppy: An excellent support in front of the Hot Air Balloon or Barrel.
Archers: ductile troop in the attack, defense, and support.
Hot air balloon: We point the enemy tower with the balloon.
Goblin Gang: a group of goblin aggressive and ready for everything.
 Moschettiere: a rifle to be used in defense.
Barrel: the new entry. Let’s see how it crawls into the Arena.

Average cost: 3.9 elixir.

Goblin Barrel

Combo and strategy

This strategy is a variation of the already known and feared Mastino Lavico-Mongolfiera combo, only this time we can alternate the attacks using the Dragon Puppy and the Barrel or mix the cards and break through an enemy defense with the Mastino-Barile d ‘Bones.

The Goblin Gang will serve as a diversion, so as to force the enemy to use the Download or Trunk, leaving the Skeletons released by the Barrel without any danger.

The Dragon Puppy will be a great offensive support, while the Moschetter and the Archers will be able to stand for the defense.

The deck promises and offers a good balance between attack and defense.
Deck 2: Giant, Hot Air Balloon, Bone Bar

  • Giant: A classic tank to absorb enemy shots and attack the tower.
  • Hot air balloon: Great paper to be joined to Giant in a devastating combo.
  • Valchiria: the anti-horde amazone. A useful and essential character on this deck.
  • Archers: Low-cost troops. Versatile use.
  • Influenced Ball: Fireball ready to turn the souls inside the Arena.
  • Skeleton Horde: A group of infernal skeletons is always a danger.
  • Bone barrel: our ace in the sleeve.

Strategy and Combo

This deck is similar to the previous one but has some variants. The Giant took the place of the Luck Mastiff and used together with the Hot Air Balloon to lead to a rather dangerous combo.

Valchiria will be used both in defense and as a support to the Giant to protect it from terrestrial hordes.

The Barrel can be added to the Combine with Giant and Hot Air Balloon or with just one of both.

The Skeleton Hose is a great diversion to use the enemy to use the enemy, while the Influenced Sphere is a great spell to use to protect the Giant or in the event of danger in our midfield.

Deck No. 3: Battle Aries, Cemetery, Barrel

  • Graveyard: The legendary non-dead are ready to emerge from the ground and attack the adversary.
  • Battle Aries: 2 Barbarians with a trunk in their hands ready to overthrow any structure they face in front of them.
  • Knight: a true teacher in the one against 1. And all but three pink elixirs.
  • Moschettiere: The gunman par excellence. In his career, he is told that he never made a mistake.
  • Poison: Combined with the Cemetery can be a great combo.
  • Barrel: The new card is the protagonist of the article in question.
  • Influenced Ball: Again present in this deck.

Combo and Strategies

Deck unpublished but probably the most lethal of 3. Here you will have to exploit the Ariete-Cemetary-Poison combo. In most cases, the opponent will not escape from this devastating attack.

The Bone Bar, in this case, becomes a defensive weapon, which will absorb some enemy strike and then release infertile skeletons.

All remaining cards will have a defensive or supportive purpose.

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