Clash Royale : 3 tips and tricks to win Battle of the Clans and unlock Chests

The battles between clans have something exciting and adrenaline: the combination of two allies and the experience accumulated over time, creating memorable and fun challenges.

However, in addition to this, there is no need to follow a gameplan perhaps using the best deck for Clan Battle and being aware of these clash royale tricks and tips that you’re going to list here to follow that will allow you to have an advantage over the enemy.

  1. Begin the battle four seconds before
  2. Follow the cards of your ally during battle
  3. Do not copy Deck of your fellow Clan

Begin the battle four seconds before

It ‘a gem that few people know, yet it is simple enough “incapparci” even without their knowledge.

This trick works in both modes including Battle Clan, both in classical and in Multiplayer Tournament Mode. It ‘a ploy that you can take advantage and gain a huge advantage especially when you are with him purely offensive and fast deck (such as the use of Tamer Boar).

Surely you happened to find yourself against an opponent who was able to place on the battlefield of the cards, while you were waiting anxiously for the beginning of securities challenge togliessero half.

Many believed it was a matter of lag (delay due to bad two players Trai synchronization), however, it is not.

To anticipate at least 4/2 times, failing to immediately remove the opening credits (flags, player names, etc.) you simply plug the screen at least 3 times. Each tap will cancel or speed up the initial transitions guaranteeing a distinct advantage for processing!

Observe the cards of your ally during battle

In these modes, it is clearly important to have a feeling with its ally, but knowing exactly which cards have at any given time can afford to save pink elixir and do not use the same card for the same goal (to those who happened to use Download double on the same Goblin?) group.

This way you can analyze possible tactics relying on a great advantage: to view the cards (and pink elixir charge) of your ally, just hold your finger on the entry of his name or the emblem of your Clan!

Do not copy Deck of your fellow Clan

Choosing the best deck to use in combination is certainly a necessary step, but there is nothing worse than to copy decks used by their comrades!

Since there is no possibility of choosing the ally, as it made the game required, anyone can come to play with you. If someone has copied your tough bunch considering it, you may find yourself in the unfortunate situation to attack and defend yourself using the same cards (and therefore the same strategies).

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