Buy Game Items from Play Store Using Google Play Gift Card

June 1, 2017 kreative 0

I have seen many people asking on forums how to buy games, game items or applications from Google Play store without using debit/credit card. Those who are asking the questions are underage or those who are more keen to online safety. In this case, Google play gift card solve your problem as they are easily available in local stores in many countries now.

You can check the available local stores online, and buy them with the exchange of currency.  This is simple as you buy a bread butter for your daily need. After purchasing the Google Play gift card, you …


Is It Worth Paying For Xbox Live Gold Membership?

April 8, 2017 kreative 0

The Xbox360 currently spearheads Microsoft’s seventh generation game console selection and is the first choice for a multitude of gamers from around the world. In addition to the gaming console being equipped with ergonomically designed controllers, the Xbox360 is a real home media theater, converting video and audio capabilities all in one center Read more technical

If spending many hours invading enemy territory completing clearly articulated missions sounds like fun, the Xbox360 is great value for money and the console for you.When the Xbox was launched in 2005, Microsoft sold the console at a loss (here is where …