Clash Royale : 3 tips and tricks to win Battle of the Clans and unlock Chests

April 17, 2017 kreative 0

The battles between clans have something exciting and adrenaline: the combination of two allies and the experience accumulated over time, creating memorable and fun challenges.

However, in addition to this, there is no need to follow a gameplan perhaps using the best deck for Clan Battle and being aware of these clash royale tricks and tips that you’re going to list here to follow that will allow you to have an advantage over the enemy.

  1. Begin the battle four seconds before
  2. Follow the cards of your ally during battle
  3. Do not copy Deck of your fellow Clan

Begin the battle


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All weekend, starting on Friday 16th and ending on Sunday May 18th, leave your luxury apartment in Los Santos, take your new and spectacular Dinka Thrust or Massacro and give it a spin to start getting special bonus of GTA V And PR that will be carried out throughout the city within the Weekend Event …